Nearing Departure

by on 22 June, 2013 with 0 Comments

Hard to believe that in three days we'll be setting off for Adelaide Airport and two days later be in Madrid! Even harder to believe when I look at the pre-packing chaos on my bedroom floor. Somehow all that stuff for over ten weeks away has to be neatly assembled in my case. And weighed ... But it's going to be sunny in Spain, and that's worth all the effort. Meanwhile I've finished checking two stages of proofs on the next book and will have only the final read-through on return in early September.

Hopefully, by then there will also be a cover design. Probably not the best time to be going away, but this trip to Spain (four weeks tourism), the Czech Republic (four weeks study at Charles University, then time in Germany catching up with relatives has been planned for more than six months. Exciting - and traumatic - has been the re-titling of the book. It's now called 'Passion Play' and will be sub-titled 'The Oberammergau Tales'. New title is both catchy and should intrigue readers, but at the same time faithful to the core content of the book, where a group of tourists (twentieth century equivalents to Chaucer's pilgrims?) set off on a four day bus tour to the Passion Play that is staged every tenth year at Oberammergau.Along the way they reveal to us, the readers, their own personal stories. Wakefield will release the book in October, and the first launch will be in Adelaide on October 16, followed by Melbourne on October 24, and Canberra on November 7. Brisbane still to be arranged. See you at the launch?

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