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 Four months on …

 End of September, that was my previous entry – no wonder I feel ashamed of being so slack. But what a four months it has been.

The long-anticipated, much-planned trip to Scandinavia fell into a mighty hole when I was diagnosed with pneumonia two weeks before departure. First my own doctor, then the chest specialist he referred me to, were adamant. Definitely no travel. Not only was that a source of great sadness; all those plans, the places we’d booked, the return to Tromso, the glass igloos in Finland, the people like my dear friend Lotte in Germany we’d arranged to spend time with … not only these gone – but, because it was too late to cancel these bookings and get any return, it was a massive financial loss. We are still now, four months later, doing battle with RAA Travel Insurance to recoup these losses.

            So a very different December from the one we’d planned!

            To comfort ourselves, we arranged a two week trip to Tasmania. At least, we consoled ourselves, it was ‘overseas’! Well, we did take our car with us on the boat, and set off on the Spirit of Tasmania for a time that proved both really interesting and very enjoyable. Best of all, I resumed my old travel practice of writing a poem a day. So rewarding, to be writing again – it added an extra dimension as we explored the ancient forests of the north west, the mighty rivers and mountains of the centre, the convict remains in Sarah Island and Port Arthur, the quirky fascinations of the MONA gallery, gold-panning as part of the Western Railway experience, the delights of whiskey distilleries like Hellyers … so much to do.

           But back to Melbourne for a planned five days with friends and relatives, only to find on the first morning there that, to our shocked dismay, we were testing positive for Covid. After avoiding it for four years and with five vaccinations, this did come as a nasty surprise. No Melbourne time and another set of plans foiled. Straight back into the car and home for two weeks isolation in Adelaide. Beginning to feel jinxed, but at least we’d had the Tasmanian holiday.

            Now it’s into full-scale planning for the launch of the new book. Melbourne artist Stacey Zass has created a lovely cover design for the front, and it’s all falling into place for the launches of Finding Emma. The first, with West Torrens Mayor Michael Coxon as host, and Matthew Williams, SA Consul for Germany as guest speaker, will be on March 20, and next week invitations should be sent out. In April, another launch at the Jindera Pioneer Museum, with Albury Mayor Kylie Cook as the speaker, and then two days later an Author Event at the Albury LibraryMuseum. By then Emma will be well and truly out in the world – it will be interesting to see how she is received. Fingers crossed. I’m hoping to see many people, friends old and new, at these events. It’s all both exciting – and also a bit apprehension-creating. I’m really hoping this book gets a favourable response …



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