Hard to believe the last month

by on 16 December, 2013 with 0 Comments

I'm still reeling after the last month's events. First that wonderful launch in Brisbane, with many old friends and even some ex-students in the audience at Avid Reader bookshop. And another brilliant introduction for Passion Play by Jane Greenwood, who had read it so thoughtfully and perceptively that I found myself seeing things I hadn't realised in writing the book! That was indeed a great night.

Then very reassuring were the various reviews that have appeared in the Melbourne Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, and the Canberra Times, a most enthusiastic syndicated review by Kerryn Goldsworthy in her 'Picks of the Week' column for the Fairfax Press. But the following weekend brought a full-scale review of the book by Peter Pierce, published in the Canberra Times' weekend magazine, Panorama on December 14. It was a review to bring joy to the heart of any writer - it certainly did to mine. Check out the 'Reviews' section on this web site (under the Passion Play icon on the 'Her books' page): these reviews should be posted there very shortly, also another most heart-warming one from the latest issue of The Write Angle.

Add to these a few competition wins, several radio interviews and some published poems, and you'll see why I'm feeling good about the end of year events.

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